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Library Manager - v 8.2.0 (Trial)

(A Complete Solution for all Library Needs.)
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e-Pharmacy Manager - v 5.6.0 (Freeware)

(A Billing Solution for Retail Pharmacy/Medical Stores.)
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Patient Manager - v 5.0.0 (Freeware)

(Patient & Prescription Management System)

Download v8.2.0 Trial version

- Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 support.
- Language Support. (Hindi language example).
- Data Import from Excel.
- Student Membership module.
- Email Reminders on Due Books.
- Student / Member Promotion feature.
- Student ID card printing.
- Take Pictures via Webcam.
- See Member / Book Photo while Issue/Deposit.
- Book Reservation.
- Fine Management.
- Support for Digital Media (Tapes, CD/DVD, etc).
- Bar Code support for Issue / Return.
- Newspaper / Magazine Billing.
- Database backup / Restore support.
- See Screenshots

Buy Now Online (All major Cards supported)

- Stock and Billing System
- Manage Medicine Expiry
- Manage Demand List
- Manage Contact List of Suppliers, Doctors
- Monthly/Yearly Reports for Sales and Purchase.
- Separate Report for Schedule H1 drugs
- See Screenshots

- Easy to use UI
- Manage Patient History & Records
- Print Prescriptions
- Maintain Drug details
- See Screenshots

Library Manager - v 8.2.0 (A Complete Solution for all Library Needs.)

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Library Manager Details

The software has an easy to use Interface. It can be used as a Personal Information System for Students and Staff Members. Books can be arranged and easily managed. Fine over late deposit of Books can be maintained. Library Database can be Backed up whenever desired. It has various facilities such as printing of different types of Reports. It can keep track of the Digital Media, Magazines and Newspapers in Library and print their Bill accordingly. Fine Settings and Number of Books to be Issued can be changed whenever required. Bar Code 39 can be printed for Books by their Accession Number. Books for Staff Members can be Issued Separately. The Institution can also be Divided into Various Departments. Complete Records of Book Agencies can be kept. You can also Issue/Deposit Books, Digital Media, Magazines and Newspapers. Software is fully customizable, various settings and visualization can be changed as desired. Email Reminders can be sent for Due Books. You can print Multiple BarCodes and Identification Cards.

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